Gaurav Parmar

I am a fourth year undergraduate student at University of California, San Diego. I am pursuing a major in Computer Science along with a double minor in Cognitive and Mathematics.

My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics. I currently work as an undergraduate researcher in the Machine Learning, Perception and Cognition Lab with professor Zhuowen Tu.

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Research featured in the UCSD Jacob School of Engineering newlsletter

Article Title: Students recognized for smart wheelchair research at CHI

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Research Publications
clean-usnob Geometry-Aware End-to-End Skeleton Detection
Weijian Xu Gaurav Parmar, Zhuowen Tu
British Machine Vision Conference, 2019
clean-usnob clean-usnob Autonomous Smart Wheelchair: A Social Solution for Individual Need
Isabella Gomez, Gaurav Parmar, Samarth Aggarwal Nathaniel Mansur Alexander Guthrie
CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems EA, 2019
Past Projects
Interpretable NLP

- Sentiment analysis using a bi-gram model vs word2vec based model

- demo (TBD)

- github - (TBD)>

Autonomous RC car

- A Traxxas RC car modified to take commands from a Raspberry Pi

- Uses the Intel Neural Compute Stick for realtime inference

- The policy network used is derived from the Mobilenet v2 architecture

SEDS: Project Colossus

- NASA funded static fire rocket engine test stand

- Lead the Software subsystem that developed the initial data acquizition system and the automation sequence